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To improve 6 symptoms, they need their writing skills

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By Kaleigh Moore

They interviewing a new employee or to try to find some - some of the best writers of his team to be able to identify the capabilities of the weak letter is to refine a key skill to work. Remember: You do not want an important job in the country in writing, because he spend in the hands of a bad writer Hours communicate their work under.

So how can you find an author who needs help? Usually it is not too difficult. Here are some - indicates some of the common mistakes that the recovery, if someone needs to training to write.

1. Variable Syntax

Nobody likes the sentence structure over and over again to read - it uninteresting material makes it very fast. unchangeable syntax is a red marker to write indicating skills in need of a job, so be sure the way to constantly change frame your words during his work. Prepositions are friends.

2. The words addicts

bad writers often have difficulty using the correct word, and make the unfortunate mistake to use a word that sounds good - but mean something quite different from what they want to say. This could include the use of "hard work" instead of "sensitive" or "discrete" instead of his "discreet".

3. Run-ons

Turn each report with long sentences that are run-ons and let his team know that your writing skills are not as strong as it should be at a professional level. Instead discussed to put commas and semicolons at the in long sentences, use short, clear sentences, making the work.

4. Overload adverb

Author Stephen King is quoted as saying: "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." Why? Because adverbs explain the action instead of the series. These words, which should end up in the eye be used sparingly - not as a normal part of the letter. Try replacing adverbs an authoritarian language.

5. No open issues

I always recommend every piece of business writing examined by at least two different sets of eyes, before they are released. This ensures that the processing and improve its polished and refined condition. However, the poor authors contend constructive feedback and changes in the other to accept - and that makes his writing experience. One of the easiest ways to improve your writing, the help of others is acceptable.

6. limited vocabulary

Those with writing skills exchange know overused words for various small, which makes it even more interesting and enjoyable reading. To a weak writer, if the same set of words and phrases instead of a stable Stick find vocabulary (or just use a thesaurus.)

This phone interview Dodge 7 Common Mistakes

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Has it happened to you? Blue, your phone rings. He is a person, a company that used supposedly, but does not have the name of the company or the job title. This scenario is very common, and how controls can determine whether you go the next interview or not.
If you are job hunting again, there are hundreds of situations like this have not experienced before. Thus the fastest corner, here are some scenarios that telephone interviews are you need to know how to treat.

1. "What is working - this again" It may not be possible for any work you remember applying for. The reality is that if you are actively looking for work, many places enrolled in. It is to be the responsibility of the position, and that the job title and company requested to follow reference works. In the spirit of a recruiter, your job is the only one that has been applied. In other words, there can be no job title, and company's full name. Do not feel embarrassed to ask for more information or to clarify the work that you ask about. Ask what company I was with and to describe the work even more.

2. Discussions on the street or in public. You should stay at home waiting for a call, but keep in mind that each answer could be a call to a prospective employer. Do you afraid to ask if you reschedule an unexpected phone call, if the conditions are not good. Want to make a good first impression. If you intend a telephone interview have to do on your phone - not to be distracted and your files can be accessed with the work and resume, the application uses.

3. Do not know the interview format to know -. If the recruiter will conduct the interview by telephone or video? Do you know how long it is expected to keep the conversation? There are no guidelines for regular interviews lineup. Each company has a unique approach, so it is for you to ask questions so you know what to expect. You need this information to collect, to ensure that it is fully prepared and perform the best during the interview.

, 4. Lack signal its How you answer "Introduction Tell me - you " can make or break the interview. This issue is technically like to ask why you are qualified for the job and for society as a party of the interviewer. Use your research to meet the top two to four tracks with the job requirements. Also, why are you particularly on the role and the company. This is just an introduction. Keep your answer about a minute to not overwhelm the interviewer.

.. 5 The rejection of the words Insider While looking for the company that can - be heard as "micro" or "Toxic". You jump to any conclusions. Instead, use this information to formulate the questions you ask during the interview, such as "Tell me one of your best employees and the way it has supported their development?"

6. Do not Know your salary range. Wait -You asking an employer, as you did in your last job and how much you want to work, you do apply. These are two different issues and help the company to assess whether it fits in your budget and what is its value. Declare too many or too low, you can eliminate prematurely. To avoid this, use calculator content and contacts in the industry to assess what the company has to offer. You can even ask what the company has factored in for the role, rather than providing its response. If your last wage and salary You can choose to specify a salary range in accordance with the search results. However, if your last provided content is not close to what the company offers, you move better to be content until later in the week, if you have a better understanding of the requirements of the labor response.

7. Put not address the lack of skills. It is unlikely that you have everything the company wants. Prepare an explanation as to how to speed up in the fields, to stand where they briefly. For example, if you have no experience with the special software, you should at least know what it does. In a conversation with someone who uses the software and if the software is similar to what was used before, how difficult it is to control, and where you get the workout. For questions their software skills, consider how you plan to reach the speed of the software, it does not exist. The same logic applies to any skill or experience missing. Talk someone who knows, and build an answer as to close the gap. If the interviewer does not not put in place, it can address the skills gap anyway solution. You do not want to leave the problems you eliminate unanswered.

3 things that should probably never speak to a recruiter

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Recruiters have a unique position in the world of investments. In a word, they must build relationships with employers and candidates, then play matchmaker for this a win-win for all to be. Part of being a recruiter is that you teach (the applicant) to know and understand what you and the best place you have to offer is right for you. However, be careful not to make the mistake to make is that this "Know" talks, which is you and the recruiter BFFs - because if the relationship taking a turn for the worse. This is what you need to know.

There is a fine line to be between them and be a little too open and honest with one advertisers. Remember that the recruiter is on your side, but you should always maintain a level of professionalism in their interactions. To avoid unknowingly that cross the thin line, here are three things you should never say in your communication with a recruiter.

1. Slang - words

As tempting as it is also a "LOL" or "OMG" to reach the recruiter may be, do not do it in your messenger conversations, at least initially. The use of words or phrases dealing, you run the risk of being unprofessional and stupid - which, I checked the last time, are not qualities employers look for in candidates.

2. Profanity

Ladies and gentlemen, should be clear. However, I understand that there is always the few questionable candidates have the rest of us and occasionally fall F-bomb to ruin here and there, because it is not a big problem. Suffice it to say that it is never appropriate to use bad words when talking to a recruiter. End of the story.

3. Appropriate Greetings / Greetings

If they be opened through e-mail communication, always professional greetings and salutations and close correspondence. In other words, do not use "Hey, [name of the recruiter]!" as a greeting or "Love" as a stop sign. Instead it with "Dear Mr / Mrs" conventional "Sincerely" to your emails.

The relationship between the user and an advertiser is a two way street and must remain professional at all times. Think of your conversation with a recruiter as a precursor of the interview with a prospective employer. If you have any questions about what should or should not say, just replace the recruiter with the employer in your mind and you should have your answer.

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3 Bosses Bad Everyone at some point in their careers


It's just a matter of time before you get a bad boss. You could make your dream job with your dream employer have but a bad manager can make the door approaches. If this relationship starts to break down, it can not only between you lead to inconsistencies and your boss, but with his team. Instead fear of destruction and chaos, here are ways to combat bad bosses, which are inevitable in his career. (Unfortunately).

1. Micro Manager

A boss on the shoulder looks a little cliché, but the metaphor is true in the workplace. If your boss can not be left alone to manage a project, or unreliable a meeting to run it, even if it was obviously "put in charge" of one has, it's not a good sign. There may be ways out of this intolerable, however, and they include all their skill - communication .
  • Talk to your boss and see how they prefer to communicate and manage projects. Perhaps, if you can update on their activities, they will retreat. On the other hand they could be in position to respond to previous experience with someone who dropped the ball. Or maybe a standard procedure for new employees and that will change over time. Is useful to know in all cases.
  • Place where you want your goals (short and long term) for their position. To see if there is a consensus between you two different methods that could be used to achieve these objectives.
  • Plans interviews. See if you can agree which information can be transferred between two during the regular updates, and when meetings or personal e-mail messages is desired.

2. The head of Spirit

If the manager to take the opposite role, can be used as indifferent to you or the rest of your staff, you feel like you have absolutely no boss. What remains helpless and without direction of the race, to beat a go to you when times are tough, and no lawyer in relation to long-term development within the company.
What we want is, do not do a bad smell in the boss's boss or other colleagues to increase (although they feel the bite). It is likely and things to exist that go behind the scenes with her boss and you have to concentrate on your own career .
  • Not necessarily you can get your boss to start with the magic care or attention to you, and that's a shame, but in the meantime, you can look elsewhere for leadership. Try to find a mentor for advice, and they might, to avoid this situation in the situation.
  • Non stop working as hard as possible. Sooner or later, most likely your boss could be on the way. Perhaps they checked their work because they know that something is afoot. If you show he's as intelligent able, you could find yourself in a new location soon.
  • If you feel that the change does not come, then you can make some tracks and start looking for a new job.

3. The Schoolyard Bully

One might think that if you are out of high school, it is possible to prevent the attacker in his life, but to be present with safety at work. It could gross, abusive, subtle, or a number of forms of shock, which can make your life difficult. This happens so often (unfortunately) there are a number of studies and experts weigh how to deal with the situation:
  • There are many people who have a lot to say , deal like with bats, and does not mean much to confront, not curl, and is not HR. At the same time, all in the fact of conflicting advice talk, you say to your boss and staff to resolve the situation. Much depends on the situation you are.
  • Almost all sources on the subject says that document abuse, keep a diary of work, a very good idea. You can see a pattern emerge with intimidation (perhaps it is a response to poor interaction they have with a superior, for example). More importantly, it will cover its own tail when things get weird.
  • You may need to get out of this bad situation. If bullying is simply not go, you could be facing personal physical effects , which may be for you really bad (high blood pressure, insomnia, etc.). to find a new job, might be the best thing you can do for yourself.

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8 things you should know if your job search skills are rusty

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With the

If you prepare for a job search, but has not removed his resume a lot in the past decade, ready - to some changes. The job search has itself changed in some important respects in the past 10 years, both in terms of what the experience is like for candidates and strategies that are effective and have lost favor.

Here are eight of the most important changes you should be prepared when your skills are rusty professional hunting.

1. Recruitment often takes longer than normal. If you are used to companies to place an ad, interview candidates and a vacation all in the space of, say, to make a month, you could be in shock. Most companies take to rent months. Some companies still moving fast, but do not be surprised if you hear from companies month after the first round shall take, or if they spend weeks back before heard after an interview.

2. You may be asked to interview several times in the past, add many employers additional steps in setting -. Telephone interviews before they personally with a wide range of researchers, take complete several interviews, including colleagues and managers are different levels to requests for contributions, the assessment of skills and other functions.

3. Almost all applications must be submitted online When the last time hunting job, getting a job -. Deals in the newspaper looking through your resume and on vellum, they know that the times have changed. Today the vast majority of jobs is to apply online, often refusing to accept paper, receives ever again. This may be more efficient (and will save money on postage definitely), but also the struggle with the stubborn electronic systems can mean not with ease of candidates in mind.

4. You may be asked to reveal an uncomfortable amount of information to get your application for review online -. Need applications usually candidates to their share previous salaries , remuneration and social security numbers, often refuses to accept it applications that do not contain that information. And this is all before they had the chance to talk to a human.

5. At the same time the process has become more intense, but has also become less personal. With companies looking for candidates much time and energy to invest in addition to process more involved, candidates are surprisingly often treats them impersonal. You can consult with a company, maybe even more than once, and then never heard back with a final decision by them. It is increasingly common for companies not interfere releases origin or even react direct requests from candidates for an update of the situation of the recruitment process.

6. You may be asked to take a first video selection. Some companies ask candidates to make a first court to answer questions, pre-recorded video before to move it an interview with a live person. This can be frustrating for the candidate, because it means time in a "interview" to invest, without asking their own questions in a position or an idea of the culture of work or business.

7. CV conventions have changed. The old CV is not quite 10 years ago, updated with his latest work, and accept that it is good to go. Modern CV dropped at the top of the page the old lens, "References on request" once all properly communicated to and the rigid rule that applies only to one side. They are still limited to one side, if you, but if two sides are a recent graduate in order.

Display 8. The old advice about your application control applies endurance. If you said, remember to call your application to check after you sent or handed over from one company and ask to speak personally to the hiring manager, remove the strategies of modern textbook of job Search. -C These days, directors of human resources employed hindered by aggressive monitoring . And stop by can in person to point out that it is the way modern office work out of touch.

5 steps for a spring break without work stress management

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During a vacation should be fun and relaxing, find many professionals that stress from work projects and do not try to catch it's worth going. Many even choose not to take a complete rest to avoid additional stress. If you want to get out of the cold this spring, but is not sure how to plan to avoid stress, before and after these tips can help.

1. Make -You before and after the checklists. Three weeks before the holiday, a list of things that need to be fulfilled before departure, dates and the remaining elements of the action that must be filled. This could be ensured that the remaining tasks are completed, important files are updated when they are delegated with customers and work before leaving. Then create a list of things you should do when you return from vacation . This could include such things as checked with the customer, receive reports from his team on all projects and a list of priorities for the new tasks have to. to provide the checklist after the holiday before, but when you come back is best. They are always in work mode at this time, and will be easier to remember what you need to do now, and not when it comes from the vacation mode.

2. Trust your colleagues. If you decide to have to delegate work, while you are away to ensure the smooth running of things in his absence, have a responsible colleague. If you have any ideas about who should handle what, ask your boss for suggestions that could remain on the ongoing projects, while you are away. Once you have decided to determine how much explanation is needed and how long it will take. Explain and show them what to do. If necessary, write a simple check list for them. Make sure that they have contact you to care in an emergency, but they rely on the work. You can ask to send a summary report when you return from vacation, so you know where the ends to tie. Be sure to send a thank you note when you return from vacation, to show them that you appreciate their work.

3. Tidy up your workspace. Take to clean up 15 to 20 minutes and organize your space of work before leaving on vacation on. This includes getting rid of the coffee cups, food and old or research notes. Place pins on it and dust on his desk, lamp and everything else, which is often used. You can even set a new notebook and Post-it for when you return. Your post-vacation-I will thank you when you return from vacation to a clean workplace.

4. Decide whether you are going to work on vacation. Before leaving on vacation, speak to your family or important to work spend the holiday on the other amount of time. You can, it would continue the work easier if you spend some time at work at night or at dawn. Once you decide on a schedule, stick to it. Ask your colleagues to identify your emails to see if something has a high priority, while you are out of town. You can do this to your team members in a general e-mail. Remember - your dates, you will be out of the office, we - to know if everything in the work on the holiday .

5. Create an automatic e - mail if you feel it personally be myself useful it would prefer not to because creating this e -. The messages are sent to people who do not want to. Or choose the information I am subscribed newsletters, and I only receive additional emails in response. I asked my assistant to check my emails, while his place to drive. If not set, a, be aware that you should not give all the details of your trip. And in most cases is not the professional way to handle. Simply write the date out of office you is enough. Attempting to enter the date by one day or two to extend some leeway, followed. Thus, for example, if you are new to the office on March 20, saying something like: "I e-mail from 22 March to respond" This gives you time to get a little back to work and the workflow, without the pressure by all who want to hear from you, also if you decide to offer to them. e - mails vacation that will relieve the pressure, so no one will be waiting to hear from you immediately.

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You want the job security? Avoid these 3 jobs

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The labor market as a whole showed some good signs of recovery from the recession. But the recovery is not the same everywhere repent. It was very variable in function of the regions , for example. Similarly, sectors that progress (or regression) at different speeds. When you drag a career change into account - or just want to know if your current profession provides a good future - it is useful to know which jobs have the highest rates of unemployment.

24/7 Wall St. a recently compiled list of the best jobs and the worst in terms of the safety of the workplace . They identified 25 occupations with the highest security in employment and 25 the lowest. To generate these lists, the website has analyzed the unemployment rate over 310 occupations with more than 65,000 employees. Let's take a closer look at your results take and try to understand a little more about the current status of each of these professions.

The three occupations with the worst job security:

1. Actor . Unemployment rate: 26.1 percent.

Unemployment rates are high for the players, because there are many more people who want those jobs that no jobs available. This should not change in the short term, so that people would do well to work account for an option of professional backup so that if employment in this highly competitive field is tracked.

2. Building AIDS . Unemployment rate: 22.3 percent.

This profession requires little in the way of training and technical training, but the pay is very low. In addition, changes in the industry have allowed employers cautious about more people than necessary adjustment, which means that there are not enough jobs for everyone. People on the scope of employment in the construction industry could be the last to see a real recovery in their area.

3. telemarketing . Unemployment rate: 22.1 percent.

High rotation rate for this position can help to explain the high rate of unemployment. Another possible explanation is that the industry is changing, more towards email marketing and telesales getting away. Anyway, the people to look at work in this industry would be wise to find another way.

The three jobs with better job security:

1. Dentists . Unemployment rate: 0.1 percent.

According to the report, dentists have the best job security in the country. They also benefit a serious income over $ 124,000 per year, according to data from PayScale. Dentists receive a significant amount of training and education in order to land their secure positions. The need for dental care in the country is not likely to change either anytime soon.

2. Supervisors of Frontline , the police and the detectives . Unemployment rate: 0.3 percent.

Although these people are less than half (about $ 55,000 per year, according to data from PayScale) than those in slot 1 victory, the first line of police and detectives superiors with incredible security work only 0, 3 percent of the workforce in the employment in search of work. Most of these positions are located generally in major metropolitan areas.

3. Veterinary . Unemployment rate: 0.4 percent.

Another complete work of "healthcare professionals and technical occupations" category among the top three. As dentists, veterinarians also get a lot of education and training and are relatively high wages rewarded (about $ 73,000 per year, according to PayScale).

Make - assessing full list for more information on 24/7 Wall Street.